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Why you should get a Personal Trainer?

This is a question that is often asked when considering a bespoke fitness service? I used to go to a smart local gym and loved it! However, I did get to a point where I was more interested in watching the TV while deciding which smoothie to buy as a reward (for doing very little!). So, it makes me ask the question ’why get a PT?’

  • Your Fitpro should be the gentle but firm voice in your head that keeps you on track and focused. They should be the gentle (or shouty) voice that

forces you into your kit and makes you lace up your shoes…and inspires you!

  • They should help you be targeted and focused on your goals. This is through their knowledge and experience. You should get a PT because you are serious about achieving your goals be that weight loss, strength and conditioning, recovery or improved health and fitness.

  • A qualified PT will know how to instruct, adapt and develop sessions that go beyond the basic skills of a gym instructor. The planning, preparation and delivery of each session needs to always meet the personal requirements of their clients.

  • An effective PT will observe a client’s response to exercise and use appropriate methods to monitor this. They will offer alternative exercises to progress or regress activities.

  • More important to any of this they will encourage and motivate their clients. I will become your ‘super-knowledgeable’ friend…. firm but fair! Hate me today but love me tomorrow!

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