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January goals in view! Keeping the focus...

New Year, new goals! If I read another article about this I might just slam it at the wall! Let alone hitting the wall. January is a time when we re-evaluate our lives, be it in the terms of fitness and health or goals to achieve.

For me it is very easy to be centred and focused in January. Everywhere we turn we have support and energy willing us on. But what do we do when we edge towards the middle of January when the nights are darker, early mornings are frostier and we want to just huddle on the sofa eating comfort food. This is when I find I have to dig deep and focus on my resolve.

So what would be my top tips to ensure this happens...

1) Set yourself a target: For me that is signing up to a Triathlon in the summer as part of the Human Race Series. . I am a runner by passion but felt I wanted to push myself to achieve a new challenge. My cycling and swimming will definitely prove an area of focus for me. It's one thing going on a gentle cycle with the family, its quite another doing it after a swim then running!

2) Print off training plan: I like nothing more than a timeline of how to achieve my that fitness or study based. I've counted down the months to my race and have allocated certain days for certain activities.

3) Have a short term target and reward when that is achieved. To keep me training in January I've entered the Cancer Research UK Winter Run Series at the beginning of February. This keeps me running in January but with a view to cutting down my distances but speeding up my race splits.

4) Be proud and own what you have achieved in the past year. Take that energy into the next one. Along those lines I was asked to do an interview about setting up my own PT business by Costco. I was thrilled to see it published in their January edition of their in

house magazine.

Good luck with the New Year resolve and I will keep you updated with my Triathlon training.

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