My training kit essentials

March 17, 2018

I am a keen runner however, I am careful what I buy so there are a few things I would not scrimp on. These are my investment purchases! My top 5 go to essentials…



  • Decent pair of trainers: This is no joke, think of the impact and weight your feet must endure.  All that energy and force hitting the ground.  There is no excuse, get yourself to a running shop, get your gait analysed by a pro then follow their advice.  I’ve always used Runners Needs but I know other places do it too. They will advise a trainer whether it is for a neutral runner, someone who tends to pronate or whatever your foot plant.  This is NOT about fashion this is about sensible and safe running.  I love my Brooks, 


  • it’s like running on clouds. I also have Asics for indoor work outs and trail running.  Whether you are a Sauconny, Asics, Hoka (hooker!) or Brooks runner- get the shoes right then everything else will follow!



  • Ladies only: serious sport bra: ’nuf said!  I’m no Dolly Parton but you need to look after those puppies! Go for a high impact one if you are running or a more general for running and gym work outs. I wouldn’t step foot in the gym or running the trails without my Shock Absorber.


  • Thin and lightweight dri-fit clothing:  I have always been a Nike Pro girl but have recently succumbed to fashion and gone a little Sweaty Betty. .  Their zero gravity leggings are a good fit for a general run and work out, but bit heavy for a spring race or half-marathon.  Whatever threads you get make sure they are sweat wicking and fit well.  Too loose and they won’t insulate and too tight they’ll chafe. I do also have an Adidas Fluro running jacket- good in the April Showers as its lightweight and water proof!


  • Tech: My all-time favourite gadget is my Garmin Forerunner 235 Watch.  I won’t do any exercise without it.  For my training it gives me stats, splits, leader boards and the settings are finely tuned to my goals.  This is a great all-round fitness tool and heart rate monitor.  You know you have the bug hard when you buy a Garmin.  Friends of mine have other fit bit type gadgets but nothing beats my Garmin





  • Finally, my trusty Lava Activ belt.  This has seen me through many half-marathons.  Enough for my phone, a gel or two, two handy water bottles plus money to get back after the race.  










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